Reader’s Request: Does Divine Timing Exist?

Honestly, I don’t think this is going to be a long post. I find the question of divine timing to be quite easily explained and answered once you dive deeper into Neville’s teachings.

Being new to Neville’s teachings, you may notice that some of the things that you used to believe in no longer make sense. This not only includes believing that it’s the Universe that gives you something, but also the fact that you may believe that things happen when the timing is right. Even Neville talks about it in two different ways: all things have their own appointed hour vs. the time it takes for something to become reality is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be.

This may sound a bit contradicting at first. It may sound like two opposing views that he has on the same matter. After all, Neville did change his views on things throughout his career and that is completely normal. You, yourself, will change your views and beliefs as you keep testing the Law. Despite this, what Neville said isn’t contradictory at all.

The idea that there is something outside of you that gets to decide when you will get your desire seems false by default, if we are to strictly follow Neville’s teachings. In this regard, I would now like to merge the two seemingly opposing views that Neville mentions into one: Everything does indeed have its own appointed hour but it’s not because of divine timing or something outside of you that decides when you will get your desire. Instead, it is THE hour when you accept that your desire is yours. It is done! That is the appointed hour.

So, to conclude, there is no divine timing that acts independently of you. The only idea of divine timing that I accept is that my desire is fulfilled the moment I accept it as a done deal.


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