Decide That You Are Doing It Correctly

(Announcement: I am leaving Reddit. The SP subreddit will continue to exist and will continue to be run by cjweeps and issagoodsoup and possibly some new moderators as well. My account will not be deleted but I will no longer login. You will still be able to reach me over here with suggestions for new blog posts. The reason for my decision is personal and I feel that most of you will sooner or later feel the same way I have been feeling for a while now: there is nothing new for me to learn on Reddit. I have been testing the Law for long enough to know how it works and I do still want to share this knowledge. However, I am not a coach and definitely don’t consider myself to be any kind of guru. I am simply sharing my personal experiences and my personal beliefs that I believe could help you out as well. I decided to “shelter” myself from Reddit this way because I want to fully focus on myself for the time being. I do wish you all the best and I will continue imagining lovingly for everyone on that board, even if I am not there anymore. I intend for all members to have success stories!)

This topic is something that is quite personal for me as I have gone through this same struggle as well. I am sharing it because I don’t want you guys to get stuck on the same thing that I got stuck on.

From time to time, we hear about people who have been trying to manifest something for years and aren’t getting anywhere. This can discourage others and it can create a lot of frustration with the person who is in this position because they simply do not understand what they have been doing wrong. Being told to persist again and again can make them feel like a failure. They had been doing it for years, how much longer do they have to persist in order to get what they want?!

The truth is, nobody else can tell you what you are doing wrong. However, there are a couple of things that you can ask yourself and see your answers:

  1. Are you thinking you have to start over everytime you get frustrated? “Oh my God, I was frustrated for like 5 minutes yesterday so I had to restart my mental diet.”
  2. Are you thinking that it’s working for everything else but not this one thing?
  3. Are you denying your own power? Thinking there are limits to your power and telling yourself a story about how you will not be able to manifest this because it’s beyond your reach?
  4. Are you thinking you have to do this technique and that technique because otherwise it won’t work? Jumping from one technique to another and not being persistent with one technique? And if so, why are you doing this? Is it because you are still thinking that it’s the technique that brings your desires to fulfillment?

I believe I have already addressed the first three issues in other blog posts so in this blog post I will be focusing on the question about the techniques.

If the answer to that last question is a yes, you have found your block. It’s my belief that this block may be the hardest to identify. Why? Because we are so used to instant gratification in this world that it’s really hard to notice once we start jumping from one thing to another because it already feels normal and natural to some degree. Here is the stupidest example I can come up with: Oh, your Facebook isn’t loading? Okay, well, just gonna open Instagram and message the person there. See how easily you replace things without even consciously noticing it? Does it feel weird to use another social media to do the same thing? It doesn’t. You have options and it feels natural to use them all before giving up.

This can happen with the techniques as well. Oh, SATS aren’t working. I’m just gonna do mental diet for a while. Oh, mental diet isn’t showing any results after 2 days. I’m just gonna script for a few days. The thing is, though, if this is what you are doing, it is because you haven’t yet realized that it’s not the techniques that matter. It’s the feeling.

Don’t get me wrong. I, myself, am guilty of experimenting with way too many techniques before settling down for one. Here is the trick: you can do a thousand techniques and catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. But if you then start thinking along the lines of, “I haven’t seen results after 2 days of persistently using this technique so it’s time to use a new technique”, you are creating a block for yourself. You will end up feeling like there is always a better technique, a technique that works quicker, a technique that will get you there faster. But it’s not the technique! It’s the feeling of naturalness!

If you have spent the last few months on Reddit looking for another technique, a better technique, a new success story, a new inspirational post… And you haven’t seen any results with your manifesting, do yourself a favor and do this:

  1. Pick one technique that resonates with you. If SATS help you feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled, stick with SATS. If it’s mental diet, stick with a mental diet. If it’s “I remember when”, stick with that technique. If it’s scripting, stick with scripting. If it’s the Andrew technique, well, stick with the Andrew technique!
  2. Decide that this technique that you are using is the technique that works for you. I will make a distinction once again, just to make sure that this is absolutely clear to everyone: the technique works because it helps you experience the feeling of the wish fulfilled. It helps you build the conviction that what you desire is already yours. It doesn’t fulfill your desire. It helps you fulfill that last step in manifesting: catching the mood and persisting with it.

So, if you are reading Reddit or any other forum or a group dedicated to Neville’s teachings or watching YouTube videos every single day hoping to find an easier way to manifest something, hoping to find something that will work faster, hoping to find that reassurance: stop it. You are keeping yourself stuck. You only need one technique and you only need to decide that this technique works for you always, without a failure.

One more thing I would like to mention here is that there isn’t a certain number of SATS sessions you need to do, a certain amount of time that needs to pass while you are on your mental diet in order for you to get your desire or a certain number of times you need to repeat your affirmations throughout the day. It’s not about how much you do. It’s about catching the feeling of the wish fulfilled and it always will be.

You don’t need the next technique. You don’t need to jump on every bandwagon there is on forums and other pages. You only need to be persistent. Persistence in this case means sticking with one technique for however long it takes you to feel like your desire is fulfilled. Not jumping from technique to technique and thinking another technique is better than yours. It’s not. God doesn’t exist outside of you. Don’t look for a “better technique” on the outside of you. Ask yourself what resonates with you? THAT is the technique you should be using. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ANSWER.

“Many times I have heard someone say: “I believe that imagining creates reality, but I once imagined something and it never came to pass.” Then I ask: “What are you doing, saying: ‘I once imagined it’ and not imagining it now? For God’s name is I Am, not I did! Always thinking of God as someone outside of himself, man finds it difficult to keep the tense, but God is the human imagination and there is no other God.”

What Are You Doing by Neville Goddard

Imagination creates reality. Now let us go into the silence.

2 thoughts on “Decide That You Are Doing It Correctly

  1. Hello, I discovered your blog for a few days, and I’m devouring all the articles 😁are really well done !!! I have a question: I want to express my SP, as techniques I use Sats, affirmations and mental diet as they help me to feel the desire fulfilled … I have been trying for months and there are days when I feel well and safe, and days that I feel underground, without hope and it leads me to think that it just doesn’t work for me … even if I try to meditate, I find some peace, but I have that feeling of lack that brings me back to feeling helpless and destroyed , and the mental diet goes to be blessed … I begin to think that now are months, but with results 0 … I know you will tell me you are not living in the end, etc … but as I said, there are days where I feel safe and others don’t, I also tried to do the review, but in those moments the old story is bursting and comes out; Also, I don’t think it would take months to manifest something specific … with some things it took me days or weeks … What would you advise me to solve this situation? Thanks so much


    1. Hi Mark!

      Sorry for a late reply!

      Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them 🙂

      Okay, so first things first, it is true that when you are having these thoughts, you aren’t living in the end but here is the thing: you do not have to live in the end consciously 24/7 in order to manifest something. What I mean is that you can set an intention and go about your day. The difference between things manifesting and things not manifesting is usually in our subconscious beliefs. What happens is that, with some things, we may accept something as a done deal after one affirmation and become able to let go of the old story and with some other things, it may take a little bit of time. Sure, manifestations can be instant because anything is possible but as Neville says, things don’t manifest until it feels natural for us to have them.

      For example, if I want a red pen, I can have it right here and now. I have no story in my mind that say that I can’t have a red pen. If I want a hundred million dollars this instant, my mind will instantly jump to… “Wait. What? How do we get 100 million dollars this second?” So, because of that, I can tell that it doesn’t feel natural for me to manifest a 100 million dollars out of thin air in this moment. Which means I will do a technique such as SATS until I can feel that I have what I want. May take a second to shift into the new state, may take a few days, but with persistence, you get there for sure.

      So, ask yourself. Does it feel natural for you to have your SP in this moment? And also, please don’t think that if it doesn’t feel natural that you have failed. You have not. You can reprogram yourself to think a certain way. In this case, when you are feeling bad and have these moments where you feel down, allow yourself to feel them. It’s just the old thoughts, the old stories coming out, purging from your system. View it as that. And then feel the relief because they’ve come out and made some space for new stories that you wish to tell yourself.

      Yes, you are right that it doesn’t have to take months to manifest something specific. But, I will bring up what Neville says again, the appointed hour is the time when your desire feels natural. It takes as long as it takes you to accept your desire as a done deal, as something you already have. I do not believe that it would take months to get there with consistent use of techniques such as SATS if they really help you evoke the feeling of naturalness.

      So, basically, what I am saying is that you should allow yourself to feel helpless and destroyed when these feelings come up but don’t base your judgment on them. View them as your subconscious purging the things that it doesn’t need anymore. Once you release these emotions, instead of suppressing them or not dealing with them, you will be back on track. Remember that manifesting isn’t about suppressing emotions. It’s about accepting the emotions and thoughts that serve us which means that the thoughts and the emotions that do NOT serve us are simply being released, we kind of observe them and let them go. We identified with them in the old state but we no longer do that in the new state, so… We have to let them go!
      And secondly, do SATS until you feel natural about having your desire. Do remember, though, that it is not the technique that brings about the manifestations. It’s your feeling of naturalness. So when you are doing SATS, the main focus should be on you allowing yourself to experience this scene or scenes that you are imagining. Allow yourself to get so involved in them that you almost forget that you are imagining. And even if you don’t get to that point, it doesn’t matter as long as you FEEL that your desire is fulfilled.

      Hope this helps!


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