My Success Story: How I Got My Person Back

We know everybody loves success stories. These next few articles will be success stories from different areas of our lives. The first story I want to share with you is the one about how I got my boyfriend back. I already posted this on Reddit, so a big chunk of it is copied from there. I am dividing the story into parts and adding some updates to where we currently are as a couple!

A couple of years ago I’ve met somebody very special to me. He was all I ever wanted in a guy, plus he was crazy about me. It started very naturally. I didn’t consciously manifest this part but I was at the point in life where I was absolutely confident and knew my worth.

We dated for a year before breaking up. It started out perfectly but my insecurities eventually started showing up, as well as my negative beliefs about relationships. They didn’t start showing up right away. There was a delay, of course. In my experience bridges of incidents take a while but as with any other thing the new thoughts started showing up too.

I won’t go into detail. It doesn’t matter. Suffice it to say that my insecurities took a toll on both of us and he left me. In the beginning I couldn’t let him go. I needed him in my life. I was using him as my reassurance against my insecurities. I was taking things way too seriously and wasn’t having any fun at all, trust me. Iver-analyzing everything he was saying became my new hobby after the breakup.

Then… I found someone else. My best friend knew I wasn’t over my SP and he told me what I had already known… That this is a rebound. Nothing wrong with that but we both knew whom I really love. I told my SP about it and he was curious to know who it was, wished me luck, said he knows it must be someone special because I like them. He was super sweet just like i thought he would be.

I didn’t know about Neville yet but now I know why he reacted like that. That second relationship came and went in a few weeks. I couldn’t get my SP off my mind and I didn’t want to hurt this other person. When the breakup happened, he told me he always felt like there was someone else. I didn’t tell him anything about my SP, just that there was nobody else physically. I left it at that.

This is when I started realizing that I have a burning desire to reconcile with my person and I can’t keep suppressing it. That’s when I came across LOA and eventually also Neville.

I started using SATS and my SP started flirting with me again and being sweet. But… My insecurities were still there. Whenever things started going well for us and it looked like we were getting back together, my insecurities got in the way. My thoughts were not aligned with my end result. It didn’t help much that I became obsessed with looking for different techniques all the time, success stories, motivational posts on forums etc… I went from being a doer to being a hearer! Nothing moved forward in months thanks to that… In fact it got even worse. we stopped talking and he started dating somebody new. That really discouraged me. Everything I thought I knew, everything Neville teaches… It all seemed like lies. The problem was that I was actually familiar with all the theory but wasn’t doing any testing at that point or changed my thinking. My faith was shaken.

One day I woke up completely devastated. I knew that I needed to stop thinking about the third party. I was hurting myself. Being a victim to my own mind. Then, I messaged a friend who is a great manifester and she told me:

“Disciplining your mind is a small price to pay to get the life you want but you either pay it or you continue wallowing in the negativity that will manifest from focusing on what you don’t want!”

I don’t know why but this was that one sentence that made me change my way of playing this game. She was right. I created negativity and instead of turning my focus to something else, I kept learning and exploring the forums instead of doing the work that needed to be done in order to change the things around!

I eventually started testing again but slowly. I started manifesting things for myself:

  • fixing a friendship,
  • earning more money,
  • becoming more independent,
  • making my skin healthy again,
  • free shopping spree because i couldn’t be satisfied with a free coffee at that point, ha,
  • my favorite sport teams winning,
  • seeing a sport game live,
  • going to a concert for the first time in my life.

But it wasn’t enough! Yes, my faith came back. None of these things was a coincidence. In fact there is no such thing as a coincidence! But i had to beat my insecurities to the ground. I started working on those.

I became more aware of my thoughts. Whenever I had an insecurity I told myself: “Why am i feeling this way? I am such a powerful being! It makes no sense to feel this way. Everything is myself pushed out. I don’t wanna feel this way. Go away. I don’t need this in my life now!”

I did the same thing when it came to my insecurities about my relationship. I was completely focused on myself for about 3 weeks. Mental diet is the “technique” that made it work for me. It’s more of a lifestyle than a technique though!

Remember I said I couldn’t stop thinking about the third party? All thoughts of her were gone. I knew she doesn’t matter. I manifested her. Well she was just like a negative thought now! Go away third party! I don’t need you in my life! I learned my lesson about letting my insecurities get the best of me. Now get the hell out! Anyway I only thought this maybe a few times and then I didn’t have to anymore.

It’s so funny to think how they teach us that ignoring problems doesn’t make them disappear! That’s exactly what it does when it comes to people we don’t want in our lives!

Fast forward, he contacted me when I was out and about, focusing on becoming a better version of myself, for myself. He asked me if he could call me. My heart skipped a beat but I knew I had done the work.

There are no possibilities unless you let your anxiety create them and in this case I only allowed one possibility to exist: this is the next step to the reconciliation. Nothing else. We talked and he told me all the things I wanted to hear. He told me he missed me and he is sorry that he didn’t give me another chance. He said he knows I’ve changed. The rest is history. It’s been a few weeks now and we are happier than ever. (At the time of writing this:

If there is one thing I wish everybody would understand is that this journey is about you. You can rest with faith knowing that your thoughts have been heard. Like Jesus said. Your faith has saved you. Go in peace. Even though I have my person back my number one goal is still bettering myself. In the meantime I always remember he is me pushed out. I don’t need to worry about him leaving or hurting me. I only need to keep my mental diet going. It’s so easy now. It felt like work when I first started it but I persisted and now I am being rewarded for it. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Work on yourself because you want to become a better person, and not because you want to attract someone. They will come back. They always do. Don’t date others because you think that will bring your SP back and don’t force yourself to let go. Just focus on yourself.

I see some people on Reddit asking a thousand similar questions… Don’t you see the answers are in front of you? Look at your world! Become aware of your thoughts! Do you see the correlation? Nothing exists that wasn’t first imagined by you. Bridge of incidents could be an exception to this because we never know what will happen in order for us to get our desires but we know what we want and that is all that matters. We don’t imagine us solving the problem, we imagine the problem not existing anymore.

If you are just sitting here wondering which technique will work instantly, wondering if the time you’ve been separated for matters, and you are looking for the answers to the same or similar questions or answers for every little step of the way, comparing your story to other’s success stories, do yourself a favor and get off the internet. Get off the internet! You are keeping yourself stuck if you are doing these things. You are a hearer, not a doer. If you know the basics of manifesting, you don’t have to keep learning indefinitely. There is no amount of knowledge you need to acquire before you can started consciously manifesting. You need to test it. Again and again and again and again and again.

You will find your own way of manifesting. You will fail too, of course, but there is a lesson in failure. See the difference in what you did when you succeeded and what you did when you failed. Learn from it. (Lifehack I learned in the meantime: The only way to fail is to give up.)

Most importantly stop repeating your old story! Take the responsibility! You created that negative story! Stop rehashing it for your own sake. Discipline your mind! Like my friend said, it’s a small price to pay to get the life that you want!

Many of you who read my story on Reddit ask me about updates and whether or not I managed to keep my relationship strong. I am happy to leave this short report here: Yes, I am still in a relationship with my SP. We have moved in together in November which I also manifested consciously. Besides this, we haven’t had any big arguments like we had in the past. He is a different person because I am as well. I worked on my confidence and continue to work on it. I view my relationship as a mirror of my inner world and my beliefs about not only my relationship but relationships in general. If I notice something that I do not like or something that I think could get in the way of my happiness, I eliminate it and replace it with something better.

I will always continue working on this relationship. He is my person. He is the reason I recognized my own power and the reason I keep working on myself and see it reflected in my entire world but especially in my relationship because he is the person I am closest to and the person that reflects things back to me instantly.

I leave you with this story hoping you have learned something from it and that it gives you a push to take the leap of faith. If you really love your person, it’s so worth it.

29 thoughts on “My Success Story: How I Got My Person Back

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I wish you much happiness ahead!

    I also feel a special connection to my person. We have been on and off several times and this used to be a limiting belief for me but now I know circumstances don’t matter.

    May I ask what was your mental diet while you guys were apart? Was it more focused on you or the relationship and a new version of him?


    1. Thank you so much!

      It was mostly focused on me. I added in some things about our relationship being better than ever but that was it. I didn’t focus on him because at the end of the day I was the “problem”. When I looked back I saw that the only reason we were apart was because I kept blaming myself… Doubting I can do this and have him back because of the things I did. That was a clear sign to me to focus on myself!)


        1. It was more about flipping my thoughts into something that is positive. You are affirming all day long. What are you saying to yourself? That you don’t deserve this, that he doesn’t love you, that you aren’t worthy? Listen to your thoughts and flip them into positive thoughts. Positive means that it aligns with your desire. Like you already have that desire. It’s done. It’s yours. Always select your own affirmations. They should feel natural to you.


      1. I want to ask for your advice…
        So I am experiencing the following: I am living in the end, feeling the new version of my SP, checking my mental diet throughout the day, doing SATS and meditation before sleep…

        Yet sometimes I get thoughts asking when is it going to manifest…I can already feel this new reality inside myself…

        I know they say if you are truly living in the end you are not gonna ask about when, how, etc…But hey, I will admit it is happening to me and I would highly appreciate your advice…Did this happen to you too – and if not, I am sure you can provide some support on how to overcome it. Thank you very much!


        1. Answer your own question. When is it going to happen? It already happened. How is it going to happen? In the most beautiful, harmonious way for everyone involved.


      2. Hi Viktoria,
        Love this story, please can you provide more details on what exactly you did to focus on yourself? How you fixed this? details on the mental diet or affirmations you used would be great. Thank you x


        1. One way to avoid struggling with things such as not feeling good enough etc is to work on accepting who you truly are. That can be done by simply reminding yourself of who you truly are and testing the Law. It’s my belief that testing the Law is the most important thing here. To build the faith and see it always works. Focusing on yourself in my case = remembering who I truly am.

          My advice to you would be to set your own rules and don’t focus on what somebody else did, in detail. Find your own way. Something I affirmed may not resonate with you. My mental diet was focused mainly on reminding myself of who I truly am and flipping my thoughts around when I forgot that and focused on the obstacles. Honestly, I no longer remember the affirmations that I used word for word and honestly I see now that the wording is irrelevant. The feeling matters more. Use the wording that resonates with you. I say this because… Many people say don’t use future tense and blablabla. You can use what you want. And you don’t even have to have a mantra. You can come up with affirmations on the spot as you are having unwanted thoughts. You are always affirming… Either what you want or what you don’t want.


          1. So what did “remembering who you really are” mean for you? That you are God of your reality – or your new self-concept…like for example I am his wife…etc?

            Thank you!


            1. Remembering that I am God and that I am in control of my life, that I have to power to give myself my desires, by accepting them.


          2. Thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it so much. I think I was like you, learning lots but not doing any of the work. I have started testing, and manifesting 😉 You’re absolutely right, I need to realise my power for me, everything else will fall into place, because it is me pushed out. I can’t wait to share my success story with you. You’re amazing 🙂


  2. Congratulations Viktoria on your success… I too am on the way of manifesting my SP back and marriage with him with the consent and blessings of both our families as I am from India… I just have a question… My SP has too much inclination towards his parents and sister I mean more than normal… How can I overcome this???


    1. Thank you!

      You have to stop saying that. It’s the old story. I am not sure I understood what exactly you meant with this but if you are saying that he cares about them more than he cares about you then you have to stop doing that and start telling yourself that you are his number one. But be your own number one as well, there is nobody more important than yourself!


  3. I can’t believe I fall for your blog ,I devoured every post for months ,I skipped meeting my sp at the gym and work on my mental diet beliefs and everything.i got at a place where I claimed this as mine he texted me sometimes but eventually according to his words I misunderstood his actions.peoole who are back with their sp are just lucky .i feel so betrayed and the universe is made of pain.


    1. I am sorry you feel that way but you clearly haven’t released your old story. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be saying these things. When you are manifesting, you are supposed to ignore the outside world. Instead of skipping meetings, you should have been living in the end. You can’t be one foot in, one foot out when you are manifesting consciously. You either go all in or you allow for your outside world to control you. And I am sorry but I will be blunt with you and say that even you saying that people who got their SP back are just lucky shows you didn’t quite understand how manifesting works. You are literally creating this as you speak it! Good luck and I hope you learn more every day. Read Neville and start testing it.


      1. I have read Neville and I don’t mind you being blunt with me.But honestly I gave it a really good shot and it is unfair to always have as a solution that you didn’t do it.anyway thank you for your info you provide for free.your intentions are beyond good will.It is just a shame some of us are doomed .


        1. You are not doomed. Don’t say that. Believe in yourself. You deserve everything you want. Try doing it for a week straight. Don’t repeat the old story at all for a week. But look for results on the inside. Not the outside. Focus in becoming happier and more confident. Start with yourself. Everything else will come more easily!


  4. This is amazing! I am manifesting my person back as we speak. However, we are in constant contact and see each other often. Was wondering what your thoughts are on CONTACT VS. NO CONTACT.

    I know that NC or IN CONTACT that I can never get in the way of manifesting her back. I am disciplining my mind to purge the non existent 3P that I manifested as well.

    I am so happy that you successfully used the law in your favor. Hope you can give me some powerful tips!


    1. Hi Raine! Thank you!
      You answered your own question though, haha. No contact or contact doesn’t matter. You can’t get in the way of your manifestation. I would recommend no contact to those who are triggered by their current reality very easily. If you can observe your current reality and not take it as the end result or base your judgment on it, then there is no need to end the contact! You can do it either way. The most important person is yourself and because of that, you should do what feels right for you to do)

      Have fun with it and our Submissions page is open for your success story when you want to share it! 😁


  5. Thank you so much for your story. I really needed this today. I went from a glorious night with my SP 2 weeks ago to absolute silence from him to my texts. I’ve tried to tell myself he’s just busy but I know I’m deeply discouraged. I manifested away the 3rd party and got way too excited thinking this was it.

    I am the one you speak of where I’ve done technique after technique, bought meditations, books you name it, and watched tons of videos. When I do SATS I sometimes shake and see visions but then I feel expectation. I know I need to let go but even when I occupy myself for awhile and forget him, when I look at my phone and see no message I feel a pang in my heart. Would you suggest just stopping SATS, scripting and all of that and just focus on manifesting other things and locking down my mental diet? I want to persist with manifesting a better version of him but it sometimes makes me sad. I do not think he’s better than I am but I simply miss him deeply. I feel that’s it’s destiny for both of us, the way we found each other and the way we are together (nearly a year of off-on), but I’m sensing that all of this is a test of my faith and patience. Thank you and best wishes this holiday season.


    1. Happy new year !happy manifesting into the new it too much trouble you have some not in the best place financially but I want so much to go at an apartment that is beautiful and modern !


  6. Hi Viktoria. I have a question. I’m doing a mental diet and the thing that’s bothering me is that I feel anxious while repeating a couple of intentions. They are very specific so I wonder if I should persist with them or just go more general and intend for things to be perfect in regards to my situation?


    1. I don’t know your situation so I can’t tell. But if something is making you anxious then you should switch it up a little bit. More importantly, ask yourself why is it making you anxious to begin with. The answers lie within you.


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