Success Story: Not Accepting Current Reality As the End Result

In this post I want to share with you how I managed to change the diagnosis of a family friend. It didn’t really take a long time or many techniques on my part. However, I believe that it could help some of you to see that changing your reality can be very easy and effortless, if you allow it to be that way.

Last month, one of my family friends was found in his house, unable to move or speak. My first reaction was fear and worry. I was overwhelmed. I immediately started telling myself that this is just temporary but honestly, I did not fully believe it. Now, I do have to admit that I have a rule in my reality that I do not have to believe something 100% and that I can get anything I want, even if my thoughts aren’t always positive. Reminding myself of this rule I created, helped me relax, at least for a while.

From there on, I simply wouldn’t accept that this was the end. The reality in which my family friend had these health issues wasn’t the reality in which I wanted to live. Anytime somebody mentioned his current condition and what the doctors diagnosed him with, I would simply tell myself that this may be the state of things right now but I am not staying in this reality. I am choosing the reality in which he makes the full recovery.

The opposite happened and the doctors said that it’s simply impossible for him to recover to any degree. They had to transfer him to another hospital because of the situation with the virus. At this point, I was still hearing a bunch of bad news, opposite to what I wanted. It wasn’t easy to set an intention and let go when the entire world was reflecting back the doubts that I had. But, I had the choice to ignore them.

When I say I ignored them, I don’t mean that I was denying what was happening. I acknowledged my current situation, I just didn’t entertain it and based the judgment of the future on it. If somebody mentioned the opposite of what I wanted, I would nod my head or not react at all. I had the choice to react that way, but if you absolutely must engage in conversations about the current reality, do not create an obstacle out of it. You can always revise it or, even better, simply view it as the part of the old story and know that it is no longer relevant.

The only technique I really used was reminding myself that I am now in the reality in which he is making a full recovery. What the doctors said was of no concern of mine. They could have diagnosed him with anything, I didn’t really care. That diagnosis had no power in my reality.

This lasted about a week. I have to admit, I kind of forgot about the entire thing. People weren’t talking about it anymore after that. It’s like the entire world stopped showing me my doubts and the new reality was unfolding without giving me any hints in the physical reality, except for this “silence”.

Then, out of the blue, my grandparents informed me that our family friend experienced somewhat of a miracle. While he was in the other hospital, he started talking AND walking again! We didn’t even know about it. Well, nobody did, until he himself called his wife to inform her of his great progress.

You see, this is the power we all have inside of us. This is the power that we can tap into. You can, in any moment, choose to align with a different reality. You can choose a different reality as your new dwelling place, as your new dominant state. Anything that comes from temporal states, such as doubts, well they have no power over you because you know that the dominant state and the one that will bear fruit is the one where the things turn out the way you want them to turn out.

From the moment I imagined the ideal solution to the moment it manifested, everything that took place was a bridge of incidents. Keep this in mind whenever you are manifesting. Anything that happens after you get the desire is a bridge of incidents. It is all leading to the fulfillment of your desire, no matter how negative or how discouraging it may seem.

Yes, it does take a little bit of discipline, I would say, or at least it did for me. When the entire world is showing you the opposite of what you want, it can be a challenge not to accept that as the final state of things and forget the reason why this may be showing up. It can be easy to get caught up in these temporary states, as I like to call them now. But you have a choice! You can choose not to accept it.

At the end of the day, he is not separate from me. If I see him as healthy, he has no choice but to be healthy. Since I do believe that he would be happier if he could talk and walk, why not give us both that gift? It costed me nothing but to shift into the reality in which this already exists. It’s as simple as that.

And as I often say, if I can do it, so can you.

13 thoughts on “Success Story: Not Accepting Current Reality As the End Result

  1. Hi Ivana,

    Great article. You have some really inspiring articles, my only problem is that while maintaining the mental diet.. i somehow get fear about staying in denial and not accepting the truth and wasting my time. In my case, its an SP. How to get rid of this denial fear ?


    1. Thank you Amber!

      Denial, I believe, is something that you feel when you are forcing yourself to ignore the current circumstances. I don’t know if that is the case with you as well but it could help to test the Law more, see that imagination creates reality, so it’s not a waste of time. The irony is the Law is working all the time so if you believe you are in denial, well that’s what will happen. Focus on yourself for a while. See how you manifested everything else in your life so far! The whole world is yourself pushed out and your SP is no exception. Remember that the consciousness is the only reality so not even the current state of things can’t exist unless you are conscious of it. Reading about that will help you temporarily. Once you start testing it in other areas of your life and gain experience with it, that’s what will help you shift permanently and see that these fears are just an illusion.


  2. Wowww what a beautiful article.
    So inspiring and motivating!!

    You mentioned that you did not deny what was happening but you did acknowledge it…what does this mean..
    How should one acknowledge a current situation and not entertain it.

    Secondly how do you have a conversation without creating an obstacle.
    Besides revision is any other way.


    1. Acknowledging means I wasn’t denying it. I saw what was happening and didn’t accept it as the end. It was just current circumstances and we know those don’t matter. 😉

      Thinking you will create an obstacle if you have a conversation about what appears to be an obstacle is a limiting belief, imho. Nothing can stand between you and your manifestation.

      The simplest thing I can compare it to is baking a cake. When you start, all you have are ingredients. Well, you don’t deny that you have the ingredients and not the cake (yet). You see the ingredients and you know that you will get your cake once you mix them up. So, you are not denying what’s right in front of you, because you know it’s leading to the manifestation either way. Hope that makes sense!

      And thank you ☺️


  3. this truly brought tears to my eyes. i identify with amber, i have a hard fear of the denial and getting stuck in that reacurrence. what should i focus on if my ex is kinda detached? we keep contact and we facetimed all day yesterday but the vibe was off towards the end, because we started talking about us, and how in love we were. i emotionally reacted thinking how they don’t believe we will have that interest for one another again. that is what i desire. what could i focus on, so i am not friendzoned and we can harvest that passion and interest with romance again. its hard for me to ignore the reality of them acknowledging these feelings.


  4. Miracles are real. I once brought an old man to life who dropped dead while dining at a restaurant where I was having dinner, too. I got up, asked the staff to lay him on the ground, lifted his legs onto a chair. I then held his hand and closed my eyes. I imagined telling him that he can’t scare me like that anymore and playfully scolded him in my imagination for his mischievous ways and simply imagined him alive again looking at me. I felt his cold hand, there was no breath and no pulse coming from him. I simply persisted in my assumption until the ambulance arrived several minutes later. Suddenly, he “woke up.” People were shocked but I knew better.


    1. Amazing! I love this story! 💕 if you want to share it in more detail on the blog, you are welcome to submit it, we’d be happy to publish it ☺️
      And I absolutely agree, miracles are real.


  5. Hey Ivana,
    Your stories amaze me always and i too hope to share some very soon. You mentioned – “I have a rule in my reality that I do not have to believe something 100% and that I can get anything I want, even if my thoughts aren’t always positive.”
    How do i create such rules in my reality? Are they too based on assumptions? I want to manifest my SP back and we split on very bad terms(absolutely no contact, blocking) and there is a very serious third party involved. This is the “current reality” n i dont think i have any such rule in my reality as you mentioned. Are they assumptions which have hardened into facts? If so, how can one do the same?


    1. Yes, they are just assumptions. You assume that something works and something doesn’t. You also assume that something works in specific conditions etc. It’s all about assumptions!

      Basically, you create your own rules. Actually, you already have them. You may not see them as rules but they’re there. Read the following post, I discussed this in the past (although I do feel I could expand on it in the future since it’s been a while and I had new experiences in the meantime):


  6. @Ivana – Thank you for sharing. Love your determination to stay in your desired State regardless of the outer world stories. And your take on seeing all that outer chaos all as Bridges of Incidents. Beautiful. I was needing to hear that story!

    @Sara – Thank you for sharing your restaurant story. I had one kinda like this back around Mar 1994. It was slightly different. To keep it short and earthy – a barely born kitten that was brought to me died. A close friend was a trance-channel and I told her to get so-and-so. She was quite gifted in such things and immediately he came in (through her) and I told him, bring her back. (Looking back, it is interesting how calm yet determined my request was.) He asked me to hand him the kitten. I handed him the lifeless body of this kitten, and he began petting her. As soon as he touched her, she began breathing. The rest of the story is moot. However, I remember that experience and many other miraculous type things I have seen and experienced, always reminding me to question… how did this happen? All these years later, beginning a somewhat new self-journey, I am beginning to see such answers come forth more and more, as I continue my search on how to do such things myself, reliably. I love your story, as it triggered my memory of that one long ago. I like, that you, dropped into that state, so determined and interactive, and had that direct experience. Quite Beautiful. Thank You!


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