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UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE RESPONSES TO YOUR EMAILS WILL BE SENT AS AUDIO FILES! If that is not okay with you and you need a written response, let us know.

UPDATE 2: I am on vacation until March. To anyone new who is interested in coaching, you can subscribe to the email notifications on Etsy. You will be sent an email notification automatically the minute the shop is reopened.

WHAT TO EXPECT? All sessions are personalized. Response will be recorded as an audio file, unless you request a written response. You will never receive a template email. The only part that may be used as a template is the introduction. Emails/audios are built to answer your questions in-depth, as well as pinpoint the things that you are saying in the email that aren’t in line with your end result.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE THIS COACHING? You can send us a message on Etsy or you can fill out the form below. The response will be sent to your email because Etsy doesn’t support audio files.

The purpose of coaching is to help you get motivated to take the leap of faith. Before you apply for coaching, please make sure that you have:

1. Read Neville Goddard’s material. Read at least Feeling is the Secret and At Your Command. Often times, the answers that we are seeking are given to us directly by Neville through his various lectures. It’s never a bad idea to reread his material.

2. Read the articles on our blog, We do our best to provide simple answers to many questions in regards to manifesting, using only Neville Goddard techniques and our own experiences. We may have already answered your question there.

3. Understand the terms mental diet and SATS.

The reason we are offering coaching is because we want to help you figure out how to get your desire. Do keep in mind that getting the coaching sessions is not essential for you to manifest your desire. All the answers are already in Neville Goddard’s materials and most importantly, in you. Through the coaching session, we will also give you examples from our own experiences. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to take the leap of faith and test the Law. Until then, we are here to help motivate you and answer your questions.

The person that will be replying to your emails is Ivana. Right now, we are offering e-mail/audio coaching only but we are planning on expanding this offer.

Things that we can help you with are:
-specific person,
-physical changes,
-improving relationships with other people.