Reader Submissions

**UPDATE**: You can now also submit your own inspirational posts! Read the rules below.

On this page, you can submit your own success stories and inspirational posts. We are always looking forward to reading your success stories, as well as inspirational posts. It makes us happy to see that more and more people are achieving their goals using Neville’s teachings.

If you agree, your success story or your inspirational post will be published on this website. In that case, we ask that you follow these simple rules:

  1. Please, only submit success stories that you have had by following Neville Goddard’s teachings. This includes both techniques and the reading material you want to quote or mention. Quoting Bible or coaches who follow Neville’s teachings is okay too. If you are submitting an inspirational post, please follow the same rules. Please do not submit inspirational posts if you are not the author!
  2. Please, edit your story or post accordingly. This includes including paragraphs and proofreading.